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Puck, aka Zan Fraser, aka Bruce Alex Skidmore, died this past week. It came as a shock to us all. He was a fixture at every Pagan ritual in the city, and every Pagan festival within the continental U.S. Many people knew and loved Puck. He was also a close friend of mine, a magical brother, someone who saw the best and the worst and who always smiled at me, no matter what. He helped me and many others almost every day of his life. 


Puck's Memorial Service

Photo: Puck's parents, Bruce and Kay, lighting mandalas of blessing for their son, Puck Zan Fraser Bruce Alex Skidmore.


On Sept. 17, 2013, the Pagan community who loved Puck came together to mourn the passing of their beloved friend, but also to celebrate his life and energy and magic and to pay it forward...he's given us all so very much, and we owe him a great debt. So we honor him, and make offerings to him, and sing to his deities, and wish him well.

What was particularly poignant was the presence of his parents, Bruce and Kay. Genteel people from Charleston, South Carolina, they displayed such grace and incredibly stalwart aplomb at the ceremony, imbuing themselves in the magic and energy and offerings of those who loved their son. Had they only cried, we all would have been sunk. But they only expressed joy and gratitude for this coming together. They partook in the ritual actions, and in that way they could connect with Puck once again, even beyond the Veil. And most of all, I am so so glad that we could bring many a smile to the faces of two grieving parents. Together we sought and found closure...well, a kind of closure, because we'll never not miss him and wish he were here with us. 

For those of you who knew him, you will always carry him in your hearts. For those of you who did not know him, you can be sure that his spirit has radiated out to touch you at some point...he was so connected to so many of us, and his influence was strong. 

Listen to this ceremony of remembrance. Hear how Pagans honor our Glorious Dead. 

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