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New York Pagan is a podcast by and for the Pagan community of the state of New York and surrounding areas, presented under the auspices of the New York Pagan Alliance, an affiliation of New York Pagans. New York Pagan podcast is an "audio magazine" for New York Pagans to share information, communicate ideas, post notices for upcoming events, and discuss their own experiences and issues as Pagans living in and around New York state.

Members of the community are encouraged to submit audio recordings to be broadcast as segments in the podcast. This is your voice, your platform. It is offered as a service to the community, so please take advantage of it.

Interested contributors should see our Editorial Policies page for more information about the type of content requested, and read our Submit Content page for instructions on formatting and file transmission.

Questions about the podcast may be directed to editors@newyorkpagan.org.

Blessed be.